Jewish Songs and Stories

Amber Gary and Shoshana Mar2011 010Kouskous teams up with Canada’s first ordained Maggidah (Jewish Storyteller), Shoshana Litman to present the songs and stories of the Jewish People. They have presented unique programs of Jewish interest entertaining and informative to both children and adults.

Celebrating Light

Bask in the glow of Hanukah with songs and interactive stories that provide inspiration, reminding us to be true to ourselves and celebrate the gift of all that we have.

Jewish Love Songs and Stories

Experience diverse Jewish perspectives on love through vivid words and beautiful melodies inspired by major Jewish cultural figures, philosophers and storytellers.

Celebrating Peace

Ancient wisdom stories and songs inspire us to uplift the world through the positive ways we interact with each other each day. Walk through Jerusalem to discover possibilities for peace in this ancient city holy to Muslims, Christians and Jews, and sing songs of peace.

Wisdom of Our Sages in Stories and Songs

Drawling from the three streams of Jewish traditions (Ashkenazi, Sephardi, and Mizrachi), come to experience a multifaceted perspective of Judaism through stories and songs

Rhythm: The Heatbeat of Life

Join Shoshana Litman and Kouskous (Gary Cohen and Amber Woods) for a lively workshop to explore of how rhythm affects the flow of storytelling. Discover how rhythm influences phrasing and tempo, as well as how to incorporate songs into stories, and how stories become songs.

Music and Stories for your special occasion

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