Global Music

World Folk Music duo Kouskous features Mediterranean inspired vocal inflections and guitar stylings peppered with spicy and exotic Middle-Eastern Rhythms.  Gary Cohen fronts Kouskous and provides vocals, guitar and lead percussion while Amber Woods adds back-up percussion on a variety of instruments and the occasional vocals.

Music to set the mood for your special occasion
OR to enjoy at a concert

Kouskous’ music is heavily influenced by the rhythmic sensibilities and musical traditions of Eastern Europe and from the countries that border the Mediterranean Sea.
Music of the Francophone world • Musique de la Francophonie
Nous mettons en lumière des interprétations uniques, renouvelées, excitantes, et non-conventionnelles des chansons folkloriques, surtout de la francophonie.
In a concert setting, Kouskous presents a diverse program which reflects their sense of humor and rhythmic sensibilities showcasing a variety of languages including English, French and Ladino (Judeo-Spanish).
At a party, Kouskous brings great grooves, and driving beats for dancing, as well as soft and sweet gentle music to set the tone and provide a musical background for meals, events, or other special occasions.
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