Drum Duet:

Our workshops are fun, easy to follow, with step by step instruction.

Workshops and classes are multi-level and can be adapted to children and adults.  Companion rhythm sheets are provided and some drums are available.

Highlights of Workshops presented include: 

drums at the fountainFranco-Fun Winter Festival in Kitimat
French Schools in Terrance and Victoria
Seattle World Rhythms Festival
April Point Resort and Spa:  Live and Learn
North West Seattle Folk Life Festival
Nanaimo Drum Fest
Vancouver Rhythm and Dance Festival
Classes at various locations in Victoria BC
J-West Conference, Vancouver BC

Workshops and Classes:

Songs of the Voyageurs:  1600-Now
This workshop blends a little history with a lot of music. Although the role of the Voyageurs changed when they came to BC, they still played an important role in the fur trade, their music helped them to do their work.

We’ll trace songs from France and show how the Voyageurs adapted them to suit their own needs. Interactive rhythm play and chansons à répondre are an important feature of the workshop.

Body Percussion à la Canadienne
Experience the French Canadian beat with body percussion and rhythm play.  Learn how to clap or tap along Voyageur style to traditional Francophone songs.  If you can clap, you can do this workshop.

Not Just Klezmer:  An Annotated Exploration of Jewish Music
This workshop is a guided tour highlighting songs from the 3 major streams of Jewish Musical Traditions.  The workshop incorporates history and showcases the similarities and differences across different Jewish cultures.  Songs from Eastern Europe (Ashkenazi) will be sung in Yiddish and Hebrew.  The Sephardi tradition features songs in Judeo-Spanish (Ladino).  From around the Eastern Mediterranean Basin (Mizrachi tradition), songs will be sung in Yemenite-Hebrew and Hebrew.

Sing, Jam and Strum A-long to Classic Folk and Folk-Rock Songs
Bring your voice, and/or guitar, flute, drum or any instrument that you can play for a jam to Folk and Folk Rock classics.  Light instruction for guitar will be provided if necessary.  Song books are available.

Hand Drumming is Fun:  Exploring Exotic Beats
This class is designed for anyone interested in rhythm and drumming from the novice to the more experienced.  Join us as we gently guide you through the drumming patterns that make Middle Eastern and or Balkan rhythms rich, unique and spicy with a relaxed, easy to follow, step by step, multi-level teaching style.  Workshops or classes include call and response, unison drumming, group soloing, and great grooves.

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